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...bubbling over with excitement

My son has been attending Big Mouth since the age of 10.

He started off attending some after school sessions which he seemed to enjoy. I told him I had signed him up for a week-long holiday workshop and he was not at all impressed – why would he want to get up early in the school holidays to go and do a workshop with other children he did not know? He came home on the first day bubbling over with excitement, and was jumping out of bed for the rest of the week - making sure we were up as he did not want to be late to see his new friends and take part in all the activities! Not just rehearsing for the performance but decorating the set and other fun tasks.

After this came weeks of begging to be allowed to join the Saturday academy which he had heard about from his new friends. He has now been attending for the last 6 years and we will be so sad when he becomes too old to attend. Big Mouth has not just been “something to do” at the weekend, but fully part of his life. It is not merely about putting on performances, but making new friends, growing in confidence, expressing himself creatively, and becoming more rounded as a person. We have enjoyed not just watching him grow, but also all the other children too including some of the most shy.

All the leaders are great – enthusiastic and caring and each child is individually valued, and the club is very good value for money for the quality of experience that is delivered. It was definitely the right choice for our child and I would highly recommend it to anyone else.

Joanne J.

Fair Oak, Hampshire

  • ...self-confidence has grown

    Our son has always been quite shy, and we could see that his self-confidence took a nosedive whilst schools were closed during Covid. Since then, I’ve been looking for a social activity for him to take part in, where he’d feel comfortable and hopefully, rebuild some confidence.


    I heard about Big Mouth and asked him if he’d like to join. He was keen on the idea of drama, but was nervous about joining, and being the new kid in a group who already knew each other. He was worried that he’d not make friends and feel left out.  I confess that the offer of free taster sessions made me keen for him to at least give it a go for a couple of weeks!


    Both my son and I are so pleased that he joined. The coaches and club members were welcoming and friendly. Our son was immediately included and made to feel part of the team. In the relatively short time he’s been attending, he’s blossomed, and his self-confidence has grown noticeably. He’s made new friends and looks forward to the sessions. He’s loving sharing ideas with the group who are creating their own play.  


    Many thanks Big Mouth, you’re doing a wonderful job!

    Emma W.

    New Forest, Hampshire

  • ...amazing improvement in my child's progress

    I wanted to thank you for an amazing improvement in my child's progress outside of theatre class, which I noticed at home whilst he was reading his school reading book. 

    He has always read in a very boring, monotone voice, however he has suddenly began to use great expressions and changes of tone for different characters! 

    My husband said he has seen this being done at theatre class, where the characters have to speak like the real character and so forth. 

    I think its had a huge impact in reading and I am confident that i will continue to see his confidence improve with reading and other areas. 

    Thank you very much

    Preeti S.

    Eastleigh, Hampshire

  • ...I have noticed a massive difference

    Keeley joined big mouth theatres after school club back in 2013 then went on to join academy (interACT).

    Keeley having cerebral palsy always meant that find activities she could do tricky. The team have always made her feel like she fits in and her confidence has improved over the years. Covid and the lockdowns really knocked her confidence and her mental health struggled, but being able to still do big mouth through lockdown really helped.

    Since returning face to face I have noticed a massive difference, her confidence is returning, she's happier and her mental health is improving.

    Big Mouth Theatre thank you.

    Zara K.

    Marchwood, Hampshire

  • ...they've made new friends

    I can't thank Adrian, Holly and the Big Mouth team enough for all the hard work they put in each week, it really has made a difference.

    Being part of the Big Mouth family has been a huge benefit to my children, giving them confidence whilst having fun. They have made new friends and always look forward to joining in and performing in front of an audience, something that would have terrified them in the past.

    Thanks guys, keep up the great work! 

    Chris P.

    Totton, Hampshire