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Big Mouth Theatre's mission is to change the face of children’s drama exploration; to remove the competitive nature and instead, utilise drama and the dramatic arts as a tool to enthuse and inspire young people; to help support, enhance and nurture happy, healthy lives!

How do we do that? Through our 5 key pillars that act as a foundation to all that we design, promote and do at Big Mouth Theatre:

  • Nurture

    Our non-competitive approach means that no child will ever compete for parts or places at any of our Big Mouth settings. Instead, the children are encouraged and supported by both our coaches and their peers through a range of learning objectives.

  • Individuality

    We embrace the individual and being different here at Big Mouth Theatre. By asking all members to follow the Big Mouth rules, together with our inclusivity and behaviour policies, we strive to ensure that everyone feels happy, comfortable and welcome at all of the services that Big Mouth Theatre provides.

  • Connections

    Helping young people to make friends and connect through the medium of drama is an absolute joy! Our originally designed sessions and carefully selected drama coaches help to build those all-important social skills, together with improving the children’s teamwork and leadership abilities.

  • Confidence

    “Believe in yourself, be you!” has become the official Big Mouth mantra, and we like to instil this message in each and every service that we provide. The way that we carry out our activities helps to empower the children to discover their strengths, believe in their qualities, and feel confident in reaching their goals, whatever they may be.

  • Fun

    In order to learn, connect, build and improve (in other words, all of the above!) our sessions are all about the fun! We believe that if the children are truly enjoying themselves, they will naturally be more open to new ideas and learning experiences. In fact, so many of our children don’t even realise they’re learning until we point this out to them, as they’re just having so much fun!