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Does your child want to be part of their own theatre company?

Would they love to discover a ton of performance techniques every Saturday while co-creating their own production using their ideas for characters, costume, lighting and set?! Then Big Mouth is for them!

And it all starts with just a title…!

Want to know more?! Keep reading!

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For ages 6 - 16 years

Split into 2 groups:
Mini Mouths (6-10 years) &
Mighty Mouths (11-16 years)

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Ignite Confidence!

At the very beginning of each program, your child, along with the rest of their Big Mouth friends, will come together to explore the program’s theme or show title. This is when imaginations go wild as we play our specially designed games and activities intended to generate colourful characters and sensational scenarios!


These activities are carefully planned in-house by our experienced Creative Director to help the children not only gel as a group as they start to explore their ideas (very important for any theatre company!) but that they are having a ton of fun whilst doing so!

Big Mouth DevisingBig Mouth Devising

Using dramatic play is key to everything we do here at Big Mouth. This puts the children at ease, creates a joyful atmosphere, and generates a safe and supportive space for creativity.


Once the group have decided on a basic plotline, the fun continues as they fill in the gaps! Here, we explore an enormous range of theatre styles and mediums. Whether it’s melodrama, physical theatre and pantomime, or split stage, monologues and narration; we like to explore a huge range of storytelling techniques to help the group decide which direction they’d like their show to go in.

Shine Bright!

When the story’s complete, our coaches work hard to write the show’s script and cast the characters based entirely on what the children have developed themselves (with our guidance, of course!)

Big Mouth is a non-competitive theatre group. Auditions of course have their place in the theatre world, but we utilise children’s theatre in a different way to a lot of other theatre clubs out there. We believe competitive elements such as auditions can have a negative effect on some children’s confidence, which is the complete opposite of what we hope to achieve here at Big Mouth. That’s why you won’t find auditioning at any of our clubs or services.

Instead, our trained coaches work closely with the group; discussing their thoughts and supporting their plans. They are then able to share performing opportunities as fairly as possible by providing each and every child with their very own named character with lines in the show. Your child will never be asked to be a tree in the corner (unless they want to be, of course!)

Big Mouth DevisingBig Mouth Devising

From Script
to Stage!

Next come the rehearsals! With the show having been written and cast, the fun carries on with further character exploration! How do they talk? How do they walk? What’s their back story? It’s important that the children also start to learn their lines in-between sessions, as you can only act so much with a script in your hand! (But don’t worry, we’ll help them with tips and techniques!)

This part of the program is incredibly exciting as the show starts to come together. Together with our coaches directing and assisting the fabulous cast with their scenes, the children also assemble into sub-groups of their choosing to discuss and decide on the more technical elements of their show. With our vast array of costumes and props, together with smoke, fog, snow, bubble, flame and star effects, not to mention a full lighting and sound rig at the theatre, we’re always able to ensure the children’s visions are upheld!

Then, the day that we have all been working towards all this time is upon us – show day!

And what a day it is!


Throughout the program, your child’s coach will have been communicating with you (normally via written letters and email), with times and locations clearly laid out, together with how and where your child’s show tickets can be purchased. The children are asked to arrive a couple of hours prior to their show to give them the opportunity to meet our friendly crew and have a complete dress rehearsal in the theatre beforehand (hopefully calming any nerves in the process!)


We completely understand, however, that those niggly nerves can be quite persistent! That’s why we conduct our show day in exactly the same way as any other session; playing lots of games and supporting the children wherever needed.


The minute the children step on to that stage, however, the nerves seem to fade away to a distant memory, as they make the most of every minute, taking pride in the show that they created themselves!

Big Mouth Show DayBig Mouth Show Day

From just a title, to a spectacularly-staged production, this incredible journey is full of fun, creation and collaboration! And for us coaches watching from the wings, to see the pure joy on the children’s faces as they perform with their new-found friends is something that will never get old.


Confidence, connections, and self-belief are key to a child’s development. And that’s what Big Mouth Theatre is all about!


Come see for yourself!

Book 2 FREE Taster Sessions Today

What does my child get as part of the FREE taster sessions?

  • 𝟮 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘 𝟮-𝗛𝗢𝗨𝗥 taster sessions full of fun, enriching childcare, meaning YOU can have a few hours off!

  • An introduction to the world of drama and an opportunity to make new friends.

  • Structured sessions packed full of games and activities designed to encourage their creative confidence.

  • Non-competitive, inclusive environment!

  • Put a smile on your kid's face and make Saturday the happiest day of the week!

    Book 2 FREE Taster Sessions Today
  • FAQs

    + How much is it?

    Our 2-week taster sessions are COMPLETELY FREE. 

    + My child hasn't done drama before. Does that matter?

    Not at all. Our ethos is to include, nurture and encourage every child, whether they have drama experience or not. The way we utilise drama at Big Mouth helps to build their confidence and self-belief, allowing your child to embrace their individuality, connect with others and explore their creativity. This, we feel, is what drama can do if taught correctly.

    + If my child enjoyed their 2-week taster, how much would the sessions cost?

    Our Big Mouth membership costs just £62 per month. Big Mouth is OFSTED registered, meaning we accept childcare vouchers and Government tax-free schemes. You can visit bigmouththeatre.com/pricing for more information.

    + If I sign my child up today, will I receive a discount?

    YES! If you quote 'Mini Mighty Mouth' you'll receive an additional 2 weeks free upon signing up to Big Mouth.

    + What’s the cancellation period?

    After their trial, you get a Full 30 Days for your child to fully experience Big Mouth. If you or your child are not 100% satisfied, we'll refund your 1st month's membership.

    + I’m worried my child has low self-esteem & won’t be included in group work, nor feel ready to show work to others.

    Big Mouth's ethos is to include, nurture and encourage every child. From being shy and having low self-esteem to children needing an outlet to channel their energies, our drama coaches are trained to manage multiple personalities in various settings. If requested, we will also provide you a detailed account into your child’s engagement during the sessions.

    + Will you turn my child into a ‘star’?

    Unlike stage schools that provide promises of being the next movie star or social media influencer, we help your child to learn how to use their creativity to strengthen their confidence in all that they do. If they love what they do and wish to continue along the acting path, we support and encourage this by helping them to remain well balanced and grounded individuals.

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Book 2 FREE Taster Sessions Today

    If your child enjoys their Big Mouth taster sessions...

    Here's what you'll receive:

  • 36 Big Mouth sessions per year

  • Performance of 2 full scale productions per year

  • FREE Christmas & Summer social events

  • FREE Big Mouth uniform t-shirt

  • No Booking Fees

  • 10% OFF merchandise

  • Sibling discounts available on request.

  • Ofsted registered: Childcare vouchers & Gov. schemes accepted