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About Us

Founded by Adrian and Holly back in 2012 during their travels around the globe, Big Mouth Theatre’s philosophy has been strong from the very beginning; to create a safe and fun-filled environment to enthuse and engage young people with drama and dramatic play – to build confidence, self-esteem and to equip them with the skills they’ll need in life.


It’s Adrian and Holly’s zest for life, combined with their early experiences working for corporations such as Walt Disney World and Camp America that make way for a fresh approach to youth theatre. They felt that there was a need for after school drama-based activities where children would be encouraged to explore their imaginations and share ideas and themes with other like-minded children. Where children are not competing for parts or lines, but where each and every child has the opportunity to shine. And most importantly, where the emphasis is on having fun! These values are the foundations on which the company has been built, and they’re carried through into every club and workshop Big Mouth Theatre provides.