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Mini Movie

And… action!


Our ‘Mini Movie’ provides children with a fun-filled day of drama games exploring well-known characters, scene blocking, drama coaching and learning rehearsal techniques, all leading to a short recorded performance of a popular story that the children will love!


This workshop is ideal for those parents looking for an exciting yet enriching holiday activity for their children, and what better way for them to spend one day of their school break, than by using their imagination and bundles of energy!  They are sure to come home satisfied!


The ‘Mini Movie’ workshop takes place for just 1 day of their holidays and includes a little downloadable recording of their performance, which will be sent to them shortly after the workshop – making it ideal for working parents, with no live performance to rush home for at the end of the day – you’ll be able to watch your little stars from the comfort of your own home!


So, if you know of any budding movie stars that would love to join us to film a Mini Movie, just click here!

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