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Act One beginners to the stage, please!

The lines have been learnt… The audience has been seated… The scene is set for a spectacular professional-quality production performed by Academy students, as their talent and new skills shine through!

Instead of following the 3 school terms, InterACT will be split into a winter program and summer program, culminating in 2 magnificent performances per year for friends and family to enjoy. The idea behind two programs will allow the children more time to focus on their skills and their performances, resulting in a less stressful, more fun-filled service!

From September, Big Mouth will be moving to an awesome monthly subscription service and will be Ofsted registered, meaning we can accept childcare vouchers & tax-free childcare schemes – wahoo!

Here’s just some of the exciting additions we have as part of the subscription service for when your child returns to us in September:

  • The InterACT Winter Program will see the children devising their very own show from scratch. From script writing and directing to pitching what technical elements and scenery they require, they will be in their very own production company, helped and guided by the Big Mouth team. This process is one of a kind and will be incredibly rewarding for us all to see their progress, from a simple idea to the finished production. The InterACT Summer Program will follow an awesome pre-written script, a little longer than our previous shows, allowing more scope for the children’s input and direction; encouraging them to put their skills and newly found knowledge into practice!
  • The InterACT subscription also includes a ‘special guest coach’ twice a year. Our special guests will provide an insight into their profession, whether it be script writing, acting or film producing! Your children will have a great time learning all there is to know and can ask them any questions they’d like.
  • As an InterACT member, your first uniform t-shirt will be completely FREE! Our brand-new logo t-shirts will be required as uniform for all Big Mouth children as from September to help create more of a team-feel, so having this for free will be a real help!
  • InterACT members will also have FREE online Zoom sessions during the holidays, be invited to social events & receive discounts from local service providers (more details on this in September!)

All this for just £57 per month – that’s just £19 per session. (36 sessions in total throughout the year).

InterACT will commence on Saturday 18th September at the usual times for both Mini & Mighty Mouths. The first 2 weeks will be completely FREE, so they can see for themselves how awesome it really is.

InterACT will take place every Saturday for 2 hours in:


 The Drama Rooms at Hounsdown School, Totton

Ages 6 – 10 from 9:30am to 11:30pm. 

Ages 11 – 16 from 11:45am to 1:45pm.


The Dance Studio at Toynbee School, Chandler’s Ford

Ages 7 – 13 from 11:45am to 1:45pm.


If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for your child who loves an audience, you can book your child 2 FREE trials by clicking here.  Alternatively, please get in touch via our contact form, or call us on 01489 786691 and we’ll be more than happy to provide further information on InterACT or any other services we provide.