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This is your official Hub Checkpoint – visit here throughout your creative journey to help with your understanding of how the passport works, the 4 ‘C’s and find information on how to earn your bonus stamps!

Hub is a carefully-designed, structured program of sessions which utilises drama & singing to help build important self-development and life skills. Your coach will plan your sessions with these skills in mind, ensuring you have plenty of opportunity to develop and demonstrate an understanding of these skills to earn a specific stamp each week!


By the end of term, you’ll have successfully collected 12 stamps in your Hub Passport (plus 4 optional bonus stamps!) – a fantastic achievement which is celebrated by the presentation of certificates.


And don’t worry, each term will be completely different, with new and exciting ways of earning those stamps and developing the core self-development skills!


At Hub, we call these skills the 4 ‘C’s:

  • Big Mouth Theatre Confidence image

    Skills such as believing in yourself and your abilities, trusting your team-mates, accomplishing something new, having a go, and celebrating your wins!

  • Big Mouth Theatre Connections image

    Skills like making new friends, making others feel welcome, developing ideas with others, collaborating, working as a team, leading a team and helping others!

  • Big Mouth Theatre Creativity image

    Skills such as designing and innovating, storytelling techniques, exploring characters and their backgrounds, using games to explore and develop ideas, writing scripts and dialogue, and having fun presenting your work!

  • Big Mouth Theatre Communication image

    Skills like active listening, showing empathy to another, being open to new ideas, being aware and use of non-verbal communication and body language, presenting and speaking in public, and teaching others a skill!

  • Bonus Activity Stamps image

    This creative learning journey extends far beyond acting, and that’s why we’ve provided you with 4 optional bonus stamps that you can earn outside of Hub sessions.

    The same 4 ‘C’ skills apply here, but the tasks can be completely different.

    Remember, YOU can come up with ideas for your bonus stamp activities too – just chat with your Hub coach in session! Here are just a few ideas to start you off:

  • Try stepping a little bit more out of your comfort zone! It could be putting your hand up in class more, or presenting to a group or in front of an assembly. Perhaps it’s having a little more self-belief to have a go and try something new!

    Why not reach out to help someone? It could be helping out with some of the chores at home, or perhaps helping to litter-pick at school or in your community? You could even help teach someone a skill you’re really good at!

    Try creating a piece of artwork that expresses how you feel right now, or perhaps it might even show just how much you love Hub…! Paint, sketch, write a poem… or you could even create a vlog!

    Why not chat to a family member or friend about one of their favourite memories? Listen to their story carefully so that you could re-create it in a mini performance for your family, or perhaps even write a song about it!