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  • Perhaps you're interested in one of our weekday Drama Hubs?

  • THE centre for confidence building in your community

  • A place where children can channel their energies & ignite new friendships!

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    Lately, a lot of parents have become concerned that their child might have lost a bit of their spark over the past year or so.

    It was only last week we were chatting to a mum who felt that lockdowns and school closures had really knocked her son’s confidence

    You might be feeling the same. You might be feeling a little concerned that your child might now struggle a little bit through social activities and trying new things.

    We can help...

    Welcome to Big Mouth Theatre

    For children aged 6-16 years who love to feel good about themselves!

    Big Mouth Theatre is a high-quality drama activity provider offering a range of non-competitive, structured sessions designed to enhance, support and nurture your child’s wellbeing.

    Fundamental acting techniques, team-development tasks and dynamic age-appropriate games help to enable your child to feel a sense of ownership, inclusion and achievement resulting in a more confident, well-balanced, happy individual...

    ...because who doesn’t want to see a smile on their child’s face?

    And the best thing? You can try it out for FREE!

    It’s fun, enriching and will boost their confidence.


    “Big Mouth Theatre truly understand the importance of nurturing my child’s individuality while encouraging his confidence and creativity. Through their fun-filled drama activities, they’ve equipped him with valuable life skills and continue to do so through their wonderfully-wholesome ethos.”

    Elaine Palferson, Big Mouth Mum


    Meet the Founders of Big Mouth Theatre

    Holly & Adrian

    Founded by Adrian and Holly back in 2012, Big Mouth Theatre’s philosophy has been strong from the very beginning; to create a safe and non-competitive environment in which to enthuse and engage young people with drama and dramatic play - to build confidence, self-esteem and to support and nurture a happy, healthy life.


    It's a place where each and every child has the opportunity to shine. And most importantly, where the emphasis is on having fun!

    These values are the foundations on which the company has been built, and they’re carried through into every activity Big Mouth Theatre provides.

    What do I get as part of my FREE taster sessions?

  • 2 FREE 2-HOUR taster sessions full of fun, enriching childcare, meaning YOU can have a few hours off during the week!

  • Structured sessions packed full of games and activities designed to encourage their creative confidence.

  • An introduction to scriptwriting and storytelling together with an array of acting tools & techniques.  

  • All this at no cost to you.


    It couldn't be easier to book your child on to 2 FREE Drama Hub Sessions

    Choose your venue:



    Mondays 4pm - 6pm



    Tuesdays 4pm - 6pm



     Wednesdays 4pm - 6pm

  • You’ll then receive an email from our team, enabling you to add the taster sessions to your calendar, which will include directions on where you need to go!

  • Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

    Listen to some of our customer testimonials and what they have to say about Big Mouth Theatre.

    Some FAQs...

    How much is it?

    Our 2-week taster sessions are COMPLETELY FREE. 

    If my child enjoyed their 2-week taster, how much would the sessions cost?

    Our Hub membership costs just £37 per month. This includes a FREE T-Shirt, FREE online sessions in the holidays & with other Big Mouth bonuses.

    If I sign my child up today, will I receive a discount?

    YES! The first 15 children to sign up to the taster sessions will qualify for 50% off their first 3 months at Hubs!

    What's the cancellation period?

    After their trial, you get a Full 30 Days for your child to fully experience Hubs. If you or your child are not 100% satisfied, we'll refund your 1st month's membership.  After the 30 days, we only require 1 months notice.

    I’m worried my child has low self-esteem & won’t be included in group work, nor feel ready to show work to others.

    BMT’s ethos is to include, nurture and encourage every child. From being shy and having low self-esteem to children needing an outlet to channel their energies, our drama coaches are trained to manage multiple personalities in various settings. If requested, we will also provide you a detailed account into your child’s engagement during the sessions.

    Will you turn my child into a ‘star’?

    Unlike other stage schools that may train your child to become the next film-star or YouTube phenomenon, we help your child to learn how to use their creativity to strengthen their confidence in all that they do. If they love what they do and wish to continue along the acting path, we support and encourage them by helping them to remain well-balanced and grounded. InterACT is an outlet for their imagination; a space where they can learn the fundamental techniques of acting, while keeping the emphasis on fun and feeling good about themselves and others!


    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    And Finally...

  • After their trial, you get a Full 30 Days for your child to fully experience our Drama Hubs.

    If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied and have changed your mind, simply let us know and we’ll refund your first month’s membership before you say cheerio!

    No questions asked!

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