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Olivia Taylor


Olivia graduated from ALRA with a First-Class Honours Degree in Acting. Whilst in training she developed her singing, dance and acting skills to a professional standard, preparing her for the entertainment industry. One of which being children’s theatre; performing in productions such as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, in which she played Maugrim, the evil wolf sidekick to the Ice Queen, as well as multi-roleing as a Demon, Leopard and Mermaid! Her greatest achievement thus far was being selected to perform on Shakespeare’s The Globe stage, as part of the Wanamaker Festival.

Whilst back home and auditioning, she began work as a Drama and Musical Theatre coach, as well as leading Arts and Crafts sessions in schools across Hampshire with the Wyvern Theatre School.

She has always had a huge passion for working with children, with experience working as a Princess Entertainer both at parties and at store openings across the UK and performing in spooky children’s Halloween festivals. She believes that theatre is so important in promoting the growth of confidence and self-discovery in a child, whilst teaching them many essential life skills and therefore cannot wait to start her journey with Big Mouth Theatre!