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Billy Boulton


Billy is a graduate from the University of Southampton, where he was heavily involved in the performing arts scene, bringing his passion for drama to a range of colourful roles ranging from Rugby Captains to Viking Ladies and Spanish Inquisitors.


As chairman of the university’s Light Opera Society, Billy was responsible for one of the university’s most long-standing societies, with a history of awards and accolades – a tradition continued under his leadership. His biggest achievement was as director of The Mikado, which, after a successful run in the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, won many awards at the 2017 International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival, including Best Direction.


As well as a sheer love for fun and meaningful theatre, Billy holds as particular enthusiasm for sharing this love with young people. The propensity for drama to build self-esteem and emotional intelligence in children is incredible, which Billy fully realised through writing and directing an award-winning original short for under 18s in 2014. He is delighted to bring this enthusiasm for sharing the dramatic arts with children into his role as a Drama Coach for Big Mouth Theatre!