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5 Day Holiday Workshop

Each holiday workshop focuses on a particular well-known story, so that the children can easily relate to the characters and feel comfortable with the theme from the very beginning.


We start the week by playing plenty of ‘getting to know you’ games and icebreakers to ensure every child feels part of the Big Mouth team.  Every child at the workshop is given a speaking part in the show to ensure that they exercise each discipline while also keeping things fair.  No worries though if there’s someone not wishing to perform on stage, they can take on the important technical roles!


The rest of the week is split between scene rehearsals, dance and singing lessons, painting scenery, making props and exploring stage management & direction.  With all of their newly learnt skills, and tremendous talent, the children will be desperate to show off – and who better than to their family & friends in an end-of-week performance, complete with microphones, costumes and set!


We even provide an optional breakfast club for those hungry performers needing to be dropped off earlier!  Thirty minutes before the start of the workshop each day, the children can enjoy a choice of cereal, toast, juice and fruit to kickstart their active brains before a full day of fun!  We’ll even make sure they’re entertained over breakfast with a variety of movies, comics or colouring books to keep them amused. 


So whether they’re a budding performer or a trainee techie – every child will find excitement and adventure at a Big Mouth Theatre Holiday Workshop.


If you’re interested in your child attending Big Mouth Theatre Holiday Workshops, just click here.

What the kids say…

“I loved the way it seemed so professional.  The scenery and microphones created the atmosphere of a real theatre!”

Pippa, aged 11 – Foxhills Junior School

“Loved it!  I even made new friends from different schools.”

Daniel, aged 8 – Marchwood Junior School

“It made me confident.”

Inas, aged 10 – Foxhills Junior School

“I had an epic experience!”

Kaitlin, aged 9 – Abbotswood Junior School

What the parents say…

“I’d just like to say what a fantastic week and today’s performance was the icing on the cake.  Thanks very much.”

Clare Bates, Ashurst

I even had a few tears!  I’m so proud of my daughter, and yes, put her name down for next year.  Worth every penny.”

Elaine Palferson, Totton

“My daughter absolutely loved it and they all did so well in their performance today! Looking forward to the next one.”

Anna Wood, Totton

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